Top 10 Restaurants

Baar by Lieven Musschoot, Photo Lisa Valcke

Every now and then we break habit, at times splurge, and eat out. These occasions are about much more than high quality, experimental and mouth-watering food but a full experience. There is no doubt that restaurants, bistros, cafes and even bars stake their claim with impressive, sometimes loud, interior schemes. The choice of furniture, details, material and colour make the difference and in turn echo the style and intention of dishes created in the kitchen. In recent years, a return to a homey, rustic but playful aesthetic has challenged old trends. Frame went back and selected the 10 best designed restaurant.

1. Baar by Lieven Musschoot

How can a Ghent-based cafe channel Andy Wharhol? Take a factory vibe, add a touch of Piet Hein Eek, eliminate glitz and you end up with Baar.

2. Serwus by MOKO

Keeping things simple but playful, Serwus – a small Polish fast food joint serving zapiekanka – encapsulates colourful open-structure booths.  

3. Das Brot by Designliga

Volkswagen’s communication platform Autostadt offers an organic in-house bakery at their Wolfsburg location – a full sensorial experience.

4. Rice Home by AS Design Service

Contrasting layers of honeycomb hexagons cover Rice Home – a premium casual-dining venue found in both Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

5. Sla by Nicemakers

Pushing for a healthy, organic, natural and easy going statement, Amsterdam-based salad bar Sla incorporates a picturesque ‘glasshouse.’

6. Mar by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir

Set along Reykjavik’s old harbour, this new bright and lively restaurant takes its cues from the nearby sea – reflected in bright colours and local materials.

7. Balthazar Champagne by SPACE Copenhagen

Inspired by the tension forged between locals and visitors, this hotel bar combines a black and white scheme with whimsical accents.

8. The Standard by GamFratesi

In understated Nordic fashion, GamFratesi decked out The Standard with soft lines, natural light and exclusive materials to underline the locale's history.

9. Ceresio7 by Storage and Dimore Studio

Breaking the fascist aesthetic of Dsquared2’s Milan headquarters, a new rooftop bistro takes on a New York-inspired appeal with two adjacent pools.

10. DonCafé House by Innarch

Kosovo-based Innarch designed a series of coffee houses like the interior of a grain sack – CNC-cut plywood planks layered into an organic shell.

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