Top 10: Salone del Mobile Installations

An artificial forest of modified trees at Ventura Lambrate last year.

As we gear up for a high-energy week of exciting reveals in the design world, we take a moment to remember the top 10 installations from the past two editions of Salone del Mobile.

Digitized Grain by Hironori Yoshida, 2013

Last year Hironori Yoshida erected an artificial forest comprised of modified trees at Ventura Lambrate. Natural wood graining on lumber planks were first scanned and then translated into a coded pattern inscribed with a CNC router. The residual gaps were filled with a polyester resin in a contrasting colour.

Hotello by Roberto de Luca and Antonio Scarponi, 2013

Thanks to this design for Das Konzept, it is now possible to keep a hotel room in a suitcase. A metal framework conceals a bed, lamp, locker, shelf and stool with sound absorbing curtains.

Heineken’s Pop-Up Nightclub, 2012

A wall of Heineken bottles backlit with LEDs made a dynamic display while interactive menus projected onto surfaces allowed for ordering of beverages with the touch of a finger.

Ross Lovegrove’s LiquidKristal  for Lasvit, 2012

A pavilion comprised of free-standing glass walls made from rippled glass was a dazzling jewel of an exhibition at La Triennale. Coloured lights penetrated the transparent panels to produce mesmerizing patterns across the space.

La Cura by Studio Toogood, 2012

An experiential installation by Studio Toogood and Nivea channeled an intimate setting of a hospital with two caretakers performing on a raised platform. Within an atmosphere filled with low-lighting, the scent of 12.29 perfume and therapeutic sounds, visitors are invited to relax by moulding clay.

Trillusion by Boris Banozic, 2012

Boris Banozic’s installation projected planes swathed with a palette of bold colours. Jutting angles seamlessly integrated a bar table, bench and desk, bringing the interaction between space and furniture to the attention of visitors.

Live Factory Make My Day, 2013

Students of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague set up shop in Ventura Lambrate, giving visitors an opportunity to witness the creation process. The experimentation phase is gaining more and more momentum during design weeks, blurring the concept of completion. As any designer knows, a deadline can often time be the only obstacle between the states of incomplete and finished.

Fuksas for Zonca, 2013

Italian Architect Fuksas envisioned a sequence of three dark spaces which were diversely illuminated for Zonka‘s Candy collection. Two rooms featured vibrant lamps either on the wall or suspended from the ceiling which shifted from cool to warm tones. The final space contained a dazzling, sprawling arrangement of Bitter Candy fixtures which morphed colours.

Quiet Motion for BMWi by the Bouroullecs, 2013

Rotating carousels offered a calm moment to visitors thanks to the quiet motors found in BMWi’s electric vehicles which powered them. Textile used inside the cars partially enclosed the carousels and FLOS Aim lamps illuminated the interiors.

Fluidic by WHITEvoid for Hyundai Design Centre, 2013

White balls suspended over shallow water in a spherical cluster were manipulated with white lights. 3D camera tracking systems integrated the presence of visitors within the space.

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