Top 10: Spaces in Spain

Cineteca Cinema Center by Churtichaga+Quadra-Salcedo Architects.

Our favourite Spanish interiors are hotter than a summer day in Barcelona.

1. Cineteca Cinema Center by Churtichaga+Quadra-Salcedo Architects
Instead of representing an economic downfall, a former slaughterhouse has been given new life as a cultural venue.

2. Red Bull Music Academy by Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos
In a last-minute emergency, a temporary home for the annual Red Bull Music Academy – a traveling festival – was constructed in Madrid.

3. Camper Granada by A-cero
Groovy red and white silhouettes comprise a new Camper store.

4. Fuuud by Futur2
‘Rather than a recycling exercise, Fuuud is an exercise of reinterpretation,’ say Jordi Canora and Pepe López of Futur2, a Barcelona-based design studio.

5. Munich Footwear by CuldeSac
Don’t be fooled by Munich’s deceptive name – the footwear store is located in Valencia, Spain.

6. El Batel Auditorium & Conference Hall by Selgascano
Spanish practice Selgascano has realized a subtle horizontal mark on a narrow site at the Cartagena seafront.

7. Lexington Avenue Agency by Masque Spacio
The busy streets of New York served as inspiration for a modelling agency’s offices in Valencia.

8. Underground Leisure Lair by Mi5 architects & PKMN architectures
In a city that was once an archeological haven for dinosaur bones, architects have again burrowed underground to create a public realm.

9. Portago Urban Hotel by ILMIODESIGN
Despite being located in Granada, a hotel has remarkably British characteristics.

10. Madrid Parking Garage by Teresa Sapey Estudio De Arquitectura
A parking garage has replaced traditional dim lighting and monochromatic concrete walls with refreshing bright colours and prints.

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