Top 10 Store Displays

Aesop Fillmore Street by NADAAA, Photo courtesy of Aesop

Displays are as designed as the products they showcase. Innovative shelving units join decorated windows to tell stories and entice passers-by. These aesthetic constructions play an important role in communicating the function and inspiration behind the objects they present but also the stores they adorne. Frame went back and selected the top 10 display solutions.

1. Aesop Fillmore Street by NADAAA

American studio NADAAA designed Aesop’s San Francisco showroom by finding simplicity through chaos. Stacked boxes – sized for the products sold – cover one wall with enough room for a sink.

2. Shop Window by Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

Art meets fashion at Louis Vuitton’s 5th avenue showroom. Kusama’s iconic sculptures invade the flagship store's windows. Inside, these sculptures are used to display accessories.

3. Stoffsuchtig Store by Holger Berg

Reflecting Hamburg’s nearby shipping lanes, this clothing store was designed with an industrial aesthetic. Hexagonal structures appear to float off concrete walls and are used to hang items.  

4. Cos Pop-up Store by Bonsoir Paris

Earlier this year, Swedish clothing brand Cos mounted a pop up store concept at Milan’s Fuori Salone. Bonsoir Paris designed an open modular system based on geometric structures.

5. Custore by Anna Dobek and Mateusz Wójcicki

Custore is an experimental pavilion built in a Warsaw shopping center. Layers of playwood make up the sculptural quality of this space – based on computer-renderings.

6. Das Magazin by Parat

Design studio Parat developed graphic magazine displays for Hamburg’s Das Magazin pop-up shop. A mix of bold colours and shapes create a unique landscape.

7. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pop-up Store by Schemata

Schemata designed this pop-up accessories store with recycled materials. Handbags are displayed on cut-out dressers and condensed hangers. Others are presented on stacked paper.

8. Audi’s Hanging City by KMS Blackspace

Audi presented its full gamete at the Frankfurt’s International Motor Fair. The car-brand's stand resembled a suspended metropolis and was layed-out  based on different areas of a city.

9. Maritime Museum of Denmark by Kossmann Dejong

Dutch exhibition designers Kossmann Dejong developed a highly interactive and visual scheme. The permanent exhibition takes you on a journey through Denmark’s maritime history.

10. Mixology Cart by Fabio Ongarato Design

Mixology Cart condenses a lab, museum and shop into one modular unit. Designed by Fabio Ongarato, the pop-up cart plays on the classic curiocity cabinet with a fashion fusion theme.

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