Top-Hit Trend of 2017: Hypersaturation

The holiday season has officially begun, and as we look back on this past year of innovative designs we cannot help but admire the bouquet of red, green, and glittery gold surfaces of some of our readers’ favourite interiors of 2017. Sure to stoke your inner holiday spirit, here are five of the most popular spaces and designs in the season’s festive colours.

Work out, chill out – a gymscape for wellness as well as fitness

This multifunctional fitness centre uses colour not only as a motivational tool (suited to a workout environment), but also to indicate different spatial functions and offer gym-goers a sense of orientation within the open plan. Bright-red and erratic linear lighting create a high-energy atmosphere that complements its more mellow relaxation areas, which feature natural wood tones and more subdued hues.

Danish artists make social strides at the Venice Biennale

The Green Light workshop at this year’s Venice Biennale is a reactionary installation and workshop that addresses growing levels of global displacement by encouraging collaboration. The stackable lamp offers an artistic outlet for individuals, and when combined, creates beautiful sculptural works that provide a physical manifestation of collective engagement.

The Mars Challenge: Martina Lasinger’s Solar Suit

Austrian artist Martina Lasinger’s submission to the Mars Travel/Survival Frame Challenge is a solar suit in oxblood and copper tones made to reflect the terrain of the red planet. The intricate design is composed of thousands of tiny circles, layered in a meticulous pattern that creates a dynamic object constructed around the human form.

From bonito to building exterior: Schemata Architects plays with continuity

To echo the products inside it, Schemata Architects brings earthy-red MDF and shiny copper accents to the concrete interior of Yagicho-Honten dried foods store. Matching perfectly the thin building exterior, the hue is purposeful in its continuity with the existing structure and creates a cohesive environment that blends seamlessly with the staple Japanese ingredient sold there.

Out with the old, in with the bold – Normann Copenhagen goes for gold

Last but not least, the latest renovation of Normann Copenhagen’s showroom features metallic gold alongside reflective surfaces and an abundance of pendant lights – maximising the visual impact of the surfaces. The bold application embodies the glamour of its fashion runway theme, and in Normann Copenhagen style, challenges the traditional showroom style of interior furnishings.

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