Tori Tori Restaurant

An organic ivy-like façade was carefully designed to be an extension of the restaurant.

MEXICO CITY – What was once a residential house in Mexico City has been transformed ‘from the inside out’ into a Japanese restaurant.

Tori Tori is located in the Polanco district which has undergone zoning changes; as a result, private houses have been converted into restaurants or offices. In the case of Tori Tori, a lattice structure is climbing up the exterior, like a massive ivy that ties the inside to outside.

‘Taking advantage of the plot’s conditions, our main focus was placed on renovating the house, stripping the residential interior and removing all familiar features to produce an entirely different environment,’ says Michel Rojkind of Rojkind Architects, who completed the project alongside Esrawe Studio.

The 629-sq-m building is enclosed in the lattice façade, which seems to emerge from the ground and climb upwards. Made of self-supporting layers of steel cut plates, the pattern filters light and shadows. 

Photos courtesy of Paúl Rivera, Rojkind Architects

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