Transparency within Extremis' office cues natural interactions

Extremis' workspaces reintroduce partitions while still maintaining a plein-air ambiance.

‘Transparent meeting room, transparent business,' reads one of the floor stickers that navigates guests through Extremis' new headquarters at its official opening. The renovated premises of the Belgium-based outdoor furniture company – realized in collaboration with interior architect Pieter Vanrenterghem and architect Peter Verhaeghe – manifest one of the inclinations pervading today's working sphere as described in the Frame Lab of Frame #108: transparent workspace interiors which challenge the traditional office hierarchy.

Taking notice of both the advantages and disadvantages of open-plan offices, Extremis' workspaces reintroduce partitions while still maintaining a plein-air ambiance. Meetings behind closed doors are passé, while open communication is promoted.

With its see-through set-up, Extremis' newly designed office interior not only signals a shift towards a more democratic office which de-emphasizes it's pecking order, but also reflects the company's product design values. As the brand's slogan states, they create 'tools for togetherness', and the office is just that. Pivoting walls create either enclosure or openness at a moment's notice while nothing but glass separates meeting rooms and the head honcho's office from hallways, ensuring natural interactions and serendipitous encounters.

By placing their own line of outdoor furniture indoors, an element of play at work is introduced. The wooden table tops of Pontsūn add warmth to a pure interior palette, Sticks functions as a semi-transparent room divider and Hopper makes meetings feel like a picnic in the park.


Make sure to read the full feature of our five formulas for future-proof offices in Frame #108, and perhaps you might also like to check out our recent book The Other Office 2, which highlights the prevailing trends in creative workplace design.

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