A total of 20 giant tubes have been converted into hotel guest rooms.

Keen to create a hotel that respects nature, Mexican studio T3Arc transformed giant recycled tubes into cozy sleeping chambers.

Located near Tepoztlán, in an area offering studding views of the Tepozteco Mountains, the TuboHotel integrates its environmental setting into the design. The layout of the tubes has been based on the topography of the land.

With 20 module-like rooms, each located in a recycled tube, guests are given their own private chamber for the night. The tubes are 2.44m high and 3.5m in diameter, adapted inside with the bare essentials: elevated bed, reading light and curtains over the entranceway.

‘The objective was to construct a cost-effective hotel that lends service to the tourism of Tepoztlán, while offering a totally new concept to the region,’ says architect Alfredo Raymundo Cano Briceño of T3Arc.

The designers were inspired by Andreas Strauss’ use of recycled tubes in building Germany’s Desparkhotel in 2006. They say in the TuboHotel’s design, they opted to stack the rooms in groups of three, offering more stunning views while taking advantage of the land.

Billboard: Frame #120 Outnow
Billboard: Frame #120 Outnow

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