Uanmee awakens the overlooked category of home textiles

NEURENBERG – With a mission to put home textiles back on the map, bed-linen brand Uanmee looks to contemporary art and fashion for inspiration. The start-up’s founder Denis Hohmann draws on his experience as a graphic designer, having worked for the likes of Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto. To intertwine the worlds of sport and ready-to-wear, Hohmann employed advanced methods of digital printing to concoct the abstract, futuristic forms of the first collection. Clashing pastel and neon hues add a techy feeling to a product associated with warmth and comfort.

By limiting each design to only 30 pieces, Uanmee makes a statement about its position in an overlooked category. Giving the experimental prints an air of exclusivity suggests the new brand – which also professes to source and produce locally – is targeting a niche audience.

Photos Uanmee 

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