UAP Factory imprints tracked movements in the urban context

The Legacy Way façade is a collaboration between the Brisbane city council, RPS Group and UAP Factory.

BRISBANE – In a collaboration with the city council and architects RPS Group, UAP Factory has designed a large-scale façade treatment for the Legacy Way highway in Brisbane, Australia. The linear pattern consists of multiple twisting entities throughout its length, which represent the traces of motion. The designers used GPS to track their own movement around Australia for a year and generated the pattern directly onto the façade that resulted in a diverse, flowing design.

The project, takes a conscious approach to the surrounding circulation and implemented the façade to be influenced by mapping vehicular, pedestrian and aerial movement. Each individual panel is made from aluminium, with powder-coated bars that are vertically twisted to create the pattern. The separate panels are welded to a lightweight sub-frame in sequential order to create one continuous, fluid entity. The twisted pieces extend out at varying lengths, adding depth and body to the façade rather than having it be flat. The concept of mapping a range of movements is very suitable seeing as how the façade is located near a busy highway extending into a tunnel. The design is minimal in regards to material usage but it conveys an eye-catching aesthetic, which places focus on the details.  The Legacy Way Façade enhances the appearance of the site by adding beauty to a bland highway wall.

Photos courtesy of Roger D'Souza

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