Uber office embraces local juxtaposition of culture and modernity

HONG KONG – In this city of old and new, East and West, cultural traditions and urban modernity, Uber’s new workspace harmonizes the jangling worlds of its environment into a structured whole with individual communicative parts. 

Designed by Bean Buro, the city’s waterfront topography and curvy mountains were interpreted into an undulating, voluptuous dark blue workplace for the tech company. The meeting rooms, service areas and private work booths form individual units, with the café pantry at the heart of the space. 

An intricate wall mural by local artist Bao Ho envisions a floating city vessel, packed with Hong Kong landmarks, futuristic transports and lucky feng shui symbols for the company. 

Work clusters occupy the open neighbourhoods, each with access to shared supports and collaborative work zones. The work clusters can be rearranged according to the changing needs of the company, with the pantry area as the constant – reflecting the company ethos of connecting people. The space is designed to support large social events, informal meetings as well as independent working. It includes a collaborative bar island, stage seating, and a 20-m long signature ‘Bean’ table with integrated cushioned seats facing the city’s racecourse and sports grounds.


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