Ultra-technologists at teamLab create an immersive digital universe

TOKYO – For an exhibition at DMM.Planets in Japan, interdisciplinary collective teamLab invited visitors to take off their shoes and immerse themselves in a maze of digital art. With a brief from e-commerce company DMM.com, the installation spanned over 3000 sqm and was a part of Fuji Television’s summer 2016 event Odaiba Minnano Yume Tairiku.

Beginning and ending in dark and narrow passages, the exhibition’s four interactive installations are thought out as abstract spaces where each person’s behaviour influences everyone’s experience of the space. Each installation represents a different environment – or planet – with the entire experience presenting itself as a voyage through a distant galaxy.

In DMM.Planets, art becomes the result of the interaction between the space’s architecture. The creatives at teamLab conjured lighting design and digital projections whereby the visitor’s own body could become part of the process. In this sense, it was truly experienced, not simply looked at.

By not hinting at the number or succession of spaces, the designers anticipated that the visitors’ experiences would be one of constant surprise, never knowing exactly where they are, what will come next, or how they will feel. Suddenly they reach the end, exiting back into our galaxy.

Photos courtesy of teamLab.


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