Uncanny Valley by Kristoffer Zetterstrand

The use of varying visual treatments produces an uncanny effect.

Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand uses a 3D program to assemble uncanny scenes which he paints on canvas.

Zetterstrand follows a process which begins with his original paintings and motifs created using different techniques. With the help of a software, he assembles those original images with found visual material from the internet or computer games.

Through this process, the artist is able to play with perspectives and lights, keeping in mind the fact that everything has to become a painting again. As a result, the scenes displayed on canvas share a common uncanny atmosphere. Some parts of the works are naturalistic, while others have a very unnatural aspect. In this continuous shifting of visual languages, it is impossible to determine whether the scenes are believable or not.

Zetterstrand compares his paintings to a set, were each actor plays a part that only makes sense in its interaction with the other actors.

Uncanny Valley runs until 22 September at Peter Bergman Gallery, Stockholm.

Photos courtesy Peter Bergman, Stockholm.

Peter Bergman
Torsgatan 41
113 62 Stockholm

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