Uniqlo Ginza by Wonderwall Inc.

Tickertape, LED lights and glossy surfaces combine for a playful effect.

A new Uniqlo shop in Ginza, Tokyo, is simultaneously wild and controlled.  

Towering high over a busy shopping street, the shop boasts a full-height glass façade that first tricks the eye. Windows facing the road are made in two-storey-high sections, creating the illusion that the structure might be only six large levels as opposed to what it really is: 12 stories of normal sizes.

The double-height windows begin in the atrium and continue in this fashion to the roof. In the lobby, shoppers are confronted by a spinning mannequin display, topped with a glass ceiling that allows those on the first floor to see up into the second storey.

‘Each floor has its distinct style contrasting with the integrated horizontal flow that goes through the 12 floors,’ says designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Inc. ‘Heightened density and a sense of openness coexist in the space, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the UNIQLO world to the fullest.'

Photos courtesy Nacasa & Partners.

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