University of Indonesia Central Library

‘The granite clad tablets of varying heights are “carved” with narrow glazed bands, allowing filtered light into the volumes below,’ the architects say.

INDONESIA – The new library at the University of Indonesia is a bridge between past, present and student life on campus.

The mountainous structure resembles somewhat of a molehill, with triangular peaks extending upwards around its perimeter. The building is comprised of a series of towers, inspired by the ancient Indonesian practice of inscribing phrases on stone tablets; history and modernity are thus linked. 

‘Its circular form responds to the strong circular buildings and roadways that distinguish the campus pattern,’ says architect John Denton of Denton Corker Marshall. ‘Conceived as earth architecture, it cleverly integrates building and landscape to become an occupied tropical landform.’

Books are stored in the five-storey tall towers at the outer edge of the circular plan. At the structure’s core are reading areas and private study rooms, while at the top are meeting and seminar rooms with open views. Below ground – protected from sunlight and moisture – are rare manuscripts and research materials stored in five subterranean levels of temperature-controlled rooms.

Denton Corker Marhsall opted to replace the university’s previous system, comprised of separate department libraries, with this all-in-one facility that can act as a hub for students on campus.

Photos courtesy of Denton Corker Marshall

Universitas Indonesia
UI Depok Campus 16424

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