V&A Christmas Tree

Over 5km of elastic cord were used to construct the tree.

With only nine days to go until Christmas, it seems fitting we show you an inventive type of tree at London’s V&A Museum.

Made of over 5km of elastic cord, the tree stretches 4-m-high in the museum’s  foyer. The cord has been cut into 1500 individual strands that were suspended in groups of 10 to form geometrical shapes – or crystalline ornaments – and the tree itself.

‘This is the fastest we’ve ever worked on a project,’ say Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen of Studio Roso. ‘From receiving the commission to installing, it has been a process that evolved very rapidly and we have found this way of working tremendously exciting.’

The designers say they were inspired by the intricate craft of bobbin lacing, which is traditionally used to make Christmas ornaments. The tree was build with in collaboration with James Shearer of Small Projects.

Photos courtesy Studio Roso.

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