In this theatre-inspired Spanish restaurant, all the dining floor is a stage

Valencia – Pre-theatre dinner? Not in Valencia. At El Camerino, a restaurant located in the city’s very happening neighbourhood of Russafa, local architecture studio Bodegón Cabinet has merged theatre and dining.

While working on this project, the architects had their minds fixed on one single thing: the word ‘camerino,’ used in Spanish to refer to the backstage of a theatre. That explains the curtain partition between the back room and the rest of the venue. This private space is furnished with different textiles that also serve as acoustic panels to envelop the room with silence. Then, soft lights and mirrors give the space the round geometry that whispers a sense of comfort –mysterious yet intimate – of a boudoir.

El Camerino is the backstage where everyone can gather before a big night out

The rest of the restaurant is divided in two other rooms. In the first, La Escena (‘the stage’), a rare yet successful combination of colours such as blue and burgundy, and three arches –  a reference to the classic theatre boxes – open up to the main public space. The second, ‘Behind the scenes,’ is a technical space that includes the kitchen and the restroom, and serves as a hall that ultimately leads to El Camerino.

‘We tried to offer a more rounded experience, and to help the business tell a story, and grow,’ said Bodegón’s María Martínez-Conesa. ‘It'd be great to have El Camerino as that backstage where everyone can gather before a big night out, a place that everyone would go and check out en route towards the other million shops that populate the area, which are not to be missed.’

Location 16, Carrer de Mossèn Femenia, 46006 Valencia

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