For Vescom, teamwork is at the heart of opening up to the North American market

Deurne, Netherlands – As a leader in wallcovering and textiles for the contract market, Dutch design company Vescom explores the realm of ‘architectural surface’ – as design director Christiane Müller describes it, this is what supports the total atmosphere of a space, increasing the quality of the environment both aesthetically and functionally. With decades of international success under their belt, Vescom has decided to take on the North American market.

For Vescom, the design process always starts by speaking directly with their clients, architects and designers. When CEO Philippe van Esch’s father Joop started the company in 1971, Vescom was primarily a producer. Today, they have the distinction of being both a developer and manufacturer. But, even over 40 years ago, the vision of the business was already global: van Esch recognised the fact that international demand meant that there had to be international relationships forged – there needed to be local Vescom representatives that could facilitate the most optimal experience for clients, no matter what market they were in.

Vescom’s global distribution process ensures that specifications of North American clients can be catered to

While Vescom already has production facilities in the United States, they needed to find a company that would represent their distribution process to the fullest extent, as they looked to grow across North America. They needed people that would know their manufacturing capabilities, one that was a distribution power to be reckoned with – a company whom they could trust to honour their commitment to quality and innovation. That’s where Koroseal, a specialty commercial interior products platform based out of Ohio, came in. Now, Vescom’s global distribution process ensures that the specifications of North American clients can be catered to.

Aesthetically and functionally, Vescom’s products enable architects and designers to create compelling turnkey projects. The wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics inherently acknowledge the evergreen design community while harmoniously retaining the aesthetic and functional elements that are synonymous with the brand. Their products have helped realise the design vision of hundreds of health, hospitality, office, education and leisure projects, accentuating the unique narrative of every space and providing long-lasting solutions.

As Vescom enters the North American market, they make themselves privy to the needs and desires of North American architects and designers. With their infallible know-how, Koroseal on their side and local intuit, Vescom has positioned themselves as a tough team to beat in the market already.

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