A Dutch holiday home debunks small-space stereotypes

Vinkeveen, Netherlands – Vinkeveen is a small town 18 kilometres south of Amsterdam, predominantly known for Vinkeveesen Plassen, an area of lakes and sand islands east of the bucolic area. It’s an ideal place for a quiet weekend getaway, and an even better place to test Dutch design’s capacity to create unique holiday homes. For an answer, just look to the work of i29 and Chris Collaris, who designed a 55-sq-m lake house that shouts that striking architecture isn’t just for the Netherlands’ bigger cities.

Atypical holiday accomodations breaking ground outside the stretch of metropolitan areas are gathering frequency on Frame’s radar, and with every new project we see also comes the intrigue of their charmingly sylvan locations – in this case, even the ones nearest to us. The Vinkeveen holiday home is intended for a family of four, and has a layout spread throughout four rectangular volumes connected by a patio that cleverly compacts all spatial necessities; every centimetre of the small floor plan is used intentionally.

Yet the home is far from claustrophobic. Panoramic views of the surrounding lake and environment create a visual respite from the distractions of the city. The juxtaposition of materials such as oak panels and polished concrete create a refined interior landscape. Outside, the rough pinewood façade reminds residents of their environs, but does not stray from the minimal lines that provide definition to the interior’s modernity.

For i29, the project is a testament to the fact that size does not have to compromise quality or vision

For i29, the project is a testament to the fact that size does not have to compromise quality or vision. In Vinkeveen, that’s clear – even the most committed city dwellers might fall prey to the home’s rejuvenating spell.



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