For Vola, product evolution means diving into the deep end

Horsens, Denmark – While Danish beaches are often as cold as they sound, they also boast a sort of ethereal beauty year-round that gives way to names like Cold Hawaii, or Klitmøller, a ‘surfing paradise’ in the Jutland region of the country.  Horsens, on the opposite side of Jutland, is home to an eponymous fjord that feeds into the Baltic Sea – at the peak of summer, it’s surprisingly pleasant to swim in and a point of reprieve after long winters. The city is also home to the headquarters of the storied Danish tap manufacturer Vola, where water is at the heart of innovation.

The opening scenes of Always Evolving, the sixth film in a series produced by Vola to celebrate their 50th anniversary, could easily be mistaken for the start of nature film – think Blue Planet.  Because of the intimate relationship Danes share with the element, it’s no surprise that Vola continues to turn to the expanse around them for inspiration. In the time that they have been designing, though, the environment has undergone rapid change – as a result, Vola's founding commitment to sustainability has grown even stronger over the years. 

Arne Jacobsen, the famed, late Danish architect worked to design Vola’s iconic 111 tap in 1968 together with Vola’s owner, Verner Overgaard. Jacobsen often celebrated the importance of proportion: through proportion, he said, Greek temples were made aesthetically classic. Today, maintaining consistent progress that answers to the needs of people as well as our changing Earth relies on the same pioneering spirit, craftsmanship principles and adherence to proportion in mind as in the start. The 111 has evolved from a single fixture to an entire modular design system – one of these descendant products is the T39 electric towel warmer, designed by one of Scandinavia’s leading architecture practices – Link Arkitektur.

Last photograph: Architecture and interiors by Pascal Francois and photography by Thomas De Bruyne

Link Arkitektur has been designing for Vola since 2006, and their relationship is a strong symbol of the collaborative spirit in which Vola has always done business, from design and installation. Vola’s systems can be found in structures from Los Angeles to Shanghai, working with firms like Marmol Radziner and Neri & Hu. The T39 is a set of sleek, clean rods which promise maximum comfort by the way of warm towels after dipping outside for a swim or a shower on a cold morning. The fixture is available in a colourful array of options, and its distance proportions and temperature settings can be easily customised to suit client preferences.

Our fundamental human relationship with water is not one to be neglected indoors

Whether found in spaces near the Pacific Ocean or landlocked, Vola’s forward-thinking products are a reference back to the peaceful laps of Danish fjords. Vola knows that no matter where clients come from, our fundamental human relationship with water is not one to be neglected indoors.

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