Water Carrier by Élise Morin

'Water Carrier' on the Mlýnský Nahon river in Kosice, Slovakia.

French artist Élise Morin created a series of wooden sculptures that leak fluorescent colour into a picturesque Slovakian river.

‘Water Carrier’ features seven blocks with 5,000 test tubes filled with fluorescein, a chemical that’s used for tracing currents and pollution in rivers and waterways.

The installation was created for an artificial river in the Slovakian city of Kosice, for their ‘Biela Noc’, (White Night) art festival in October. The city will be the 2013 European Capital of Culture, alongside Marseille.

The structures were set up in an empty river, which was then flooded with water from the Hornad River, and the illuminated rings seemed to float on the water. Gradually, the fluorescein was carried away from the installation and traced the river’s path. (The colour eventually disappears.)

‘By this decorative vision, the project proposes a reflection on the death of “the idea of nature”’, Morin says. While water can be manipulated and controlled to a certain degree, she says, water still retains its unpredictable power.

Images courtesy Peter Uhrin, Chloé Carpentier and Élise Morn.

Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)
Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)

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