We hostel by Felipe Hess

A selection of finds from the We Hostel's book shelf in Sao Paulo.

Designer Felipe Hess has turned a mansion in Sao Paulo into a design hostel with a mix of quirky, carefully curated furniture culled from flea markets.

The young designer took the project up from a friend, Guilherme Perez, who founded We Hostel in the Vila Mariana neighbourhood.  

The two kept the design simple - most of the walls were left clean and white with black and silver accents. Common rooms feature quirky pieces of vintage furniture, found and restored by Hess.

In the main entrance, a red table designed by Hess greets visitors, and a chalkboard ceiling in the TV room allows them to leave messages for other travellers. The bathrooms each figure a single punchy colour - blue, red or yellow or green. Bedrooms feature black reading lights and graphics by the designer Rodrigo Marangoni, including QR codes scattered throughout the hostel that reveal curated mix tapes and neighbourhood maps. (You can listen to the mix tapes here.)

But it's Hess' eye for simple, cheerful furnishings that steals the show - in the 'reading room', a low black bookcase comes fully stocked, with plenty of classic furniture offering weary travellers a spot to read, relax, and soak up the view.

Sao Paolo's design scene will be featured in Frame #92.

Images by Fran Parente.

Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)
Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)

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