Webb Chapel Picnic Pavilion by Cooper Joseph Studio

Hidden in the deep concrete roof structure are hollow, bright yellow openings for light and circulation.

TEXAS – Nestled in a public park, a concrete shelter’s massive yellow voids fill both functional and playful purposes.

The large concrete structure is softened by bright yellow punctures in the roof, which was designed to mimic a tree canopy. It forms a shade but is deep enough to promote air flow encouraging passive, natural cooling in the Texan summer.

Building on the traditional ‘palapa,’ architects Cooper Joseph Studio sought to develop a new vernacular in the pavilion. The concrete exterior extends conventional Texan construction tradition in colour and texture, but the addition of bright colours encourages a playful marker for the community and makes it a functional meeting point.

A stepped concrete base has a structural purpose but is also used as seating. Wooden benches held on in-situ concrete bases are aligned along the space to encourage people to sit and picnic.    

Photos courtesy of Eduard Hueber

Billboard: Summer Sale 18
Billboard: Summer Sale 18

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