Weird Party At The Other Side Of The Hedge Solo Show

'Glass House in Heaven (Endless Privacy) #1' is part of a series inspired by Modernist architecture.

In Megan Berk's art, comfortable imagery from architecture, interior design and lifestyle magazines is twisted in a mysterious and disquieting way.

Berk's paintings - currently on show at the space RAC | Recession Art at culturefix - explore the idea of heaven as both an idealized aspiration and as improbable expectation.

One of her series is inspired by the Modernist architecture and its utopian drive. Houses with glass walls and geometric patterns are empty of any presence. However, the quality of the brushstrokes infuses the scenes with a fading effect, generating a sense of undefined mystery.

In other paintings a nocturnal urban landscape appears as if seen through the windscreen of a car during a rain storm. The viewer feels like watching a coloured shot from a film noir.

Recently, Berk began working on two new series, Mornings and Evenings. Here, the human figures are portrayed while reading a newspaper or drinking coffee. 'This just seems like a golden moment,' Berk says.

Berk's solo show Weird Party on the Other Side of the Hedge runs until 11 March at RAC | Recession Art at culturefix, New York.

Photos courtesy of the artist and RAC | Recession Art at culturefix

RAC | Recession Art at culturefix
9 Clinton Street
New York, 10002

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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