What does gelato have to do with glass lenses?

MEXICO CITY – Those who live to eat have experienced the sudden transportation of joy that follows a delicious scoop of gelato on a hot summer afternoon.

This is the inspiration behind the Mexican ice-cream shop Gelatoscopio: the discovery of a new perspective of reality through flavours, sensations, and aromas. Conceptualized by a team of dessert and design lovers from Esrawe Studio and Cadena and Associates, the Gelatoscopio interior seeks to connect customers to the happiness and enjoyable memories that come from eating ice cream.

The playful polka-dot design responds to childlike concepts of ships and portholes as vessels of wonder, observation and discovery. The metallic materials in brightly coloured finishes express this imaginative industrial character.

Inside the circles are lenses composed of various mechanisms: magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, mirrors, and lighting, as well as menu boards and product screens.

The entire interior is thereby transformed into a fantastic machine that invites exploration of the world and the individual... Armed, of course, with a double-scoop cone and rainbow sprinkles.

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