What you can learn about The Dylan Hotel from its chairs

AMSTERDAM – At the heart of The Dylan, one of the city’s most intimate and luxurious hotels, lies a surprising design philosophy – one of simple comfort and connection. The elegance of the contemporary interior combines – some would say, contrasts – marble floors in the lobby and orchids in tall glass vases with furniture in each of the 40 rooms and suites that is handpicked to facilitate enjoyment of the body’s relaxation and to encourage closeness and conversation.

To counterbalance The Dylan’s emphasis on being an exclusive gateway to the culture and entertainment of Amsterdam, the rooms had to provide guests with a personal oasis. The Feel Good armchairs designed by Antonio Citterio, and the Dragonfly armchairsDrop armchairs and love seats from the Flexform Mood collection take different approaches to arrive at the same conclusion: individual freedom. ‘Freedom’ in the sense of abandon, ease, lack of restraint, and openness. Freedom of the body to move, to sit, to lie, to relax as it wills; and freedom of the mind and soul from pressures or constraints. This can be seen from the one commonality shared by all the seating in The Dylan – a lack of armrests. The chairs, sofas and chaise lounges invite guests to curl up with a cup of coffee and kicked-off shoes, to watch TV in a tangle of family members, to lean towards each other over the coffee table, whichever direction that might be.

Each chair is a statement of personal freedom and an invitation to find a subjective definition of relaxation.

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