White Elephant (Privately Soft)

The volume has no fixed orientation, so it can tumble freely.

Jimenez Lai's installation White Elephant (Privately Soft) is a sharp volume that allows users to test gravity and disorientation, as the structure has no fixed position and can flip freely.

A consensual and obvious categorization for this project seems impossible; White Elephant can be interpreted and described in several ways.

‘It’s a freestanding micro building, macro furniture that questions projection, inside and outside, rigidity and fluidity and size or scale,’ Lai says. ‘It’s a building inside a building, somewhere between a super-furniture and a small house.’

Built from clad translucent polycarbonate for the hard exterior, a contrasting soft interior is made of stuffed cowhide. The structure can tumble and flip into at least eight different positions.

The project was exhibited at the Land of Tomorrow gallery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Photos courtesy Jimenez Lai.

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