WHITE Installation by Studio 400

The designers examined traditional weaving methods to ensure the plastic could support bodies.

A group of architecture students in California used 7432-sq-m of plastic sheeting to create a massive, immersive, malleable and climbable installation to fill a gallery space.

The WHITE project was realized collaboratively by 20 students at the California Polytechnic State University, who fabricated and installed it in just five days. The plastic was sliced, loomed, woven, stapled and taped to create prefabricated panels, which were then custom-fitted to fill the 416-sq-m gallery space.

The result offered an interactive experience for visitors, who could explore the relationship between the material and space while climbing inside to read the students’ research books. 

‘We wanted to create a continuous surface that would bring spatial interest and social interaction to the gallery,’ they say. ‘The woven installation is a solution to providing students and faculty a setting to not only read about our projects, but also to enjoy the space.’

In addition to WHITE, the students created slipcases for their books using laser-cut acrylic panels. Users were then encouraged to crouch and crawl inside the depths of the structure to reach the books.

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