Why Skyscrapers are Overrated

Saffron suggests a new approach to urban sprawl, lending to more flexible places for living.

PHILADELPHIA – ‘It’s time that we let go of our skyscraper fantasies and concentrate instead on making our mature city a better place to live,’ says architecture critic Inge Saffron. ‘Instead of focusing on the grand vision, we need make the grand adjustment.'

Saffron, the architecture critic at the Philadelphia Inquirer, delivered TEDxPhilly talk last week where she presented her ideas about ‘overrated’ skyscrapers.

A necessary grand adjustment, Saffron says, includes making bike lanes on every road, turning sidewalks into beautiful promenades, improving public transit and making parks for residents instead of just tourists.

‘Skyscrapers are a good idea, but like a lot of good ideas they can be taken to extremes,’ Saffron says. ‘Skyscrapers have become a “one size fits all” solution to sprawl.’

Check out the above video of Saffron’s TED talk. Her concepts on public spaces are a forward-thinking – and necessary – approach in the 21st-century.


Billboard: Vescom
Billboard: Vescom

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