Why we went silent yesterday

Yesterday’s social media went silent. Globally. Institutions, brands, world leaders, athletes and many millions others – including us – acknowledged the fact that Black people in the US are the subject of racial violence and bigotry. At the time we’re writing this, news and social media channels are flooded with videos of public demonstrations against racial injustice in dozens of American cities. The White House doesn’t seem to have an answer, fanning the fire instead of trying to unite.

Since witnessing the social disruption and turmoil erupting throughout the United States over the past two weeks, catalyzed by the brutal and tragic death of George Floyd, we feel as a company that we cannot take a position of silence on racial injustice: We stand as allies in solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Writing these words is an easy step. But how to prevent they won’t ring hollow? This is more complicated. 

Since its inception, Frame has always advocated for spaces that improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of people. Moreover, we believe it is our duty to commit to the promotion of inclusive spaces.

Truth be told, we have often shied away from social and political issues. We’ve considered addressing them often too sensitive, inflammatory, perhaps not even that relevant for the design industry. Now we feel we can no longer look the other way – and as such should step up our act when it comes to matters of race, queerness and discussing other forms of identity and representation. We want to be part of driving forward a message of inclusivity, offering a safe sphere for Black, People Of Colour, LGBTQ+ and other minority peoples to feel truly represented.

In order to live up to that promise, we need to educate ourselves so we can properly acknowledge the lack of representation and inclusion within our industry and effectively work to correct that. We want to use our platform and privilege to promote safe, inclusive spaces that ultimately work towards decolonizing design. We commit to creating more fairness and equality with our platform by working with more diverse and underrepresented people. We also commit to developing a more progressive discourse of inclusive issues, projects, studios, designers and regions of the world through our content. 

You are a vital part of that, and as such we want to hear from you – our community – the ways in which we can better shape our perspective on the designers and design practices that work to realize more inclusive spaces. Reach out to us, and let us begin having this long overdue conversation at Frame, so we can all become better makers, creators and clients of today, and tomorrow.

This is why we went silent yesterday. 

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