Wine Merchant Kreis by Furch Gestaltung + Produktion

A wine shop in Stuttgart, Germany by Furch Gestaltung + Produktion uses a rainbow of storage units as decor.

Faced with the prospect of 12,000 bottles of wine and no storage space, Furch Gestaltung + Produktion turned ingenious shelving units into technicolour decor for a wine shop in Stuttgart, Germany.

The modular shelves, called 386 fourpointeight, are stacked and bolted across the store, in an eye-boggling spectrum of blues, purples, oranges and reds. Each grid-like unit holds 25 bottles of wine, the designers say, while sheet metal fixtures display individual bottles.

‘The shop would consist just of wine and no furniture', the designers say of their initial inspiration. 'Similar to a spreadsheet, which is full of data without wasting any space on structure.’

As a result, the wine shop has a low-fi but sci-fi aesthetic that breaks the mold of the oak and dust image of a traditional wine merchants. This was a request of the owner, the designers say, who wanted a shop that would evoke a new generation of wine makers and sommeliers. To this end, the shelves, which leave the bottles 'suspended' in the grid, also put quirky bottles and label design on full display.

And for those who might complain of an overly utilitarian edge, don't fear - the shop features a tasting table and a window-side bench: so you can still try a glass of wine and some tapas, the old fashioned way.

For another wine shop that puts the bottle designs on full display, check out the BvS Wine Traders 'wine library', in a historical building in Bucharest, Romania.

Images courtesy Zooey Braun.

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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