Wings of Sparkle by Tokujin Yoshioka

Yoshioka used flickering LED lights to imitate the sparkling of diamonds.

It was impossible to miss Swarovski’s gigantic sparkling stand during Basel World in Switzerland.

Almost 23,000 LED strobe lights flickering across a structure made from faceted hexagonal elements made Tokujin Yoshioka’s stand design for Swarovski at Basel World appear to shimmer like a diamond. Instead of merely designing a surface, Yoshioka says he wanted visitors ‘to experience light itself, as if entering into a dazzling crystal.’

The stand was surrounded by a 7-m-high curved wall measuring 155 m in circumference, which was clad in more than 250,000 reflectors. Inside were 40 freestanding showcases – also designed by Yoshioka – which reiterated the dominant crystal motif.


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