Wishbone by Shed Design

Shed commissioned graffiti artists Paintshop Studio to realise the restaurant’s highly-crafted, type-based interior graffiti.

South of the Thames, Brixton Market is the place to be when you are looking for food. Each bar/restaurant specialises in their own cuisine, and Wishbone, a new restaurant in Brixton, London, offers up fried chicken and fresh design by London studio Shed.

‘The idea at the heart of wishbone, "take something simple and make it beautiful", manifested itself in all aspects of the design,' says the Shed team. 'From the choice of materials to each of the details; its honest simplicity was the perfect backdrop to the offer’. The inspiration for the design of the restaurant was also influenced by the atmosphere of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The vibrant look and feel of the setting resulted in a colourful interior. ‘Shed did a fantastic job of turning our collection of sketches, photographs, textures and ideas into a reality. What began as a mish mash of 'stuff' in our heads was translated into a reality that was better than anything we imagined’, the  owners of Wishbone say.

The design team asked graffiti artists Paintshop Studio to decorate the walls with their graffiti art, and the vibrant elements of graffiti are set against a material palette of oak and galvanised steel.


Leaderboard: Architonic
Leaderboard: Architonic

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