Wood Layer Armchair by Färg & Blanche

Färg & Blanche use heavy-duty sewing machines to sew the plywood shapes together.

Spools of thread and sewing machines aren’t the typical tools of choice for designers who work primarily with hard surfaces, but nor are Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche in the business of doing things traditionally. Employing a technique they refer to as wood tailoring, the duo approach wood as they would a fabric, stitching and sewing as they see fit.

‘We wanted to use sewing in the core of the furniture, in the hard material, so we took away the upholstery element’ says Blanche. By sewing directly onto the plywood, Färg & Blanche were able to use sewing and the shell of the wood as a pattern generator and structural element. Blanche admits that while neither of them studied fashion in university, ‘cutwork and the industry’s way of showing things’ has always been a source of inspiration for them.

The Wood Layer armchair embodies their technique with its structure generated by layers of stitched plywood. The pattern created using the layered plywood shapes is replicated in the upholstery on the front of the chair.


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