Work out, chill out – a gymscape for wellness as well as fitness

SHANGHAI – With its neon lighting, mirrored surfaces and open floor spaces, the Physical fitness centre could understandably be mistaken for a nightclub or a dance studio at first glance.

Step further inside however, and the 2,000-sq-m interior reveals a more complex and dynamic character. Designed by Panorama, Physical is demarcated into various areas for dance, spinning, relaxation, and more, through the use of contrasting colour and material palettes.  

Lines and angles throughout the gymscape indicate the designated areas for boxing, running on treadmills, spinning on stationary bikes, and working out with free weights and exercise machines. Bright primary colours codify these areas into zones according to activity without sacrificing the open plan concept, though transparent boxes of coloured glass form rooms that provide acoustic isolation as required.

In contrast with the charcoal-grey and bright colours of the workout areas, the rooms for leisure and relaxation are wrapped in timber veneer; a spatial juxtaposition to suit those different psychological needs. The natural wood textures contribute to an atmosphere of warmth and calm in the rest areas, which include a reading space and saunas for men and women.

A 2017 Red Dot Design Award winner, Physical gives strong visual identities to the different districts of its gymscape, applying colour and material to suit working out as well as chilling out.

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