Wow Inc. uses technology to reconstruct intangible natural experiences

TOKYO – Award-winning studio Wow Inc.’s latest installation, Render, is an immersive experiment in electroluminescence. Exhibited in arts venue and cultural centre Spiral, the installation investigates cognitive perception by creating a sensation of ‘being able to see things that cannot actually be seen’.

Wow Inc. reconstructs intangible natural experiences through 20 layers of video footage across just as many sheets of organic display electroluminescence. The viewer is therefore immersed in a new ‘fragmented’ reality, highlighted by the Japanese experiential creative studio’s use of abstracted-but-recognizable impressions of natural phenomena, including thunder and rough seas, paired with a similarly disjointed three-dimensional soundscape of environmental recordings.

Designed to be impactful from any viewing point, the shifting sensorial landscape offers a new perspective from all angles. Confronted with this fragmented yet familiar subject matter, viewers are able to ‘fill in the blanks’, completing their subjective experiences of Render from their own theatres of the mind – building from a backdrop of past experiences to create what they believe to be a new kind of reasonable reality.

Location Spiral, Tokyo

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