WWW Apartment

Kostelov says the renovation has given the space a ‘new image which has its own laws.’

After he built an apartment using almost only metal materials, Russian architect Peter Kostelov has, seven years later, renovated the space using largely wood supplies.

The original Moscow Metal Apartment was realized in 2005. In the recent renovation the floor plan remained intact, but the metal wall coverings and furnishings have been replaced with more natural wood.

The result has transformed the industrial, cold and harsh interior into a warm, white, wooden space, hence the name WWW Apartment.

‘Just mere change of frame filling resulted into stunning effect as the apartment looks totally different,’ Kostelov says of the 86-sq-m home. ‘In fact it was primary task: I kept all basic characteristics (design, partitions) intact to assume minimum efforts and expenses, transforming it from brutal and industrial to warm and cozy.’

Photos courtesy Zinon Razutdinov.

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