X+Living's Chinese hotel targets millennials

HANGZHOU – Frame 112 uncovered tailor-made hotel concepts for millennials, the clear target audience for Wheat Youth Arts Hotel in China. Located in Hangzhou’s Binjiang District, the project is designed to appeal to both the young and the young at heart; it’s goal is to ‘flirt’ with tourists and be in a destination in itself.

The work of X+Living, the 4,500-sq-m hotel is on the seventh floor of a shopping mall and bears an understated entry that makes it feel somewhat undiscovered. Guests pass through to the main lobby, which resembles a study-slash-living room.  Bookshelves line the walls, while glass partitions – folded like zhezhi – section off lounging zones.

X+Living used Chinese checkers as a symbol for people, dotting them across a world map on one wall to convey the hotel’s inclusivity. In a corridor, checkers appear again as a candy-coloured ceiling installation, part of a series of artistic interventions in transit areas. The hotel’s café – which sees small figures parachuting from the ceiling – has a more neutral palette.

Photos Shao Feng


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