XJstudio takes the common out of communal space in a Taipei office

TAIPEI – To transform the boxy, boring internal courtyard of an office into a social hub for employees, XJstudio turned the tables – quite literally – for its intervention. Stepping out of their non-descript offices, staff at Lite-On Technology Corp in Taipei encounter a diagonally oriented communal space of 306.9 sq-m in which to catch up over lunch, play a game of pool or shoot a few hoops.

'The introduction of colours and light and the breaking of the upright, square layout symbolizes change,' says Shih-Ming Lu of XJstudio. When viewed from above, floor lines separate the space's various functions. From eye level, mirrors and lighting send certain scenes into infinity.

Lu says the 'main purpose of Light Up is to connect people in different corporate departments who know little about each other. Through games, they can exhibit energy and teamwork.'

Photos courtesy of XJstudio 

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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