XTU Architects designs a multi-sensorial wine museum in Bordeaux

BORDEAUX – La Cité du Vin has solidified Bordeux as the wine capital of the world. The new landmark, nestled in the heart of the southern French city, was designed by XTU Architects and already expects to host over 450,000 visitors each year. Unlike any other wine museum to date, the 3,000-sq-m space includes interactive installations, touchscreens in what can only be described as an immersive, sensorial environment. Its approach is far from traditional: collections are constantly updated, creating a fresh experience for each guest. A smart self-guided tour of the museum takes you on an adventure of 20 vastly different themed spaces. Each space presents 3D models of vineyards, aerial images of grape-growing regions and even portrays changes in weather.

Striving to depict the soul of wine,  XTU Architects produced what’s being described as more of a ‘movement’ than a shape. This concept is clearly visible throughout the interior and façade of the building, which mirror the fluidity of the product. What’s more, each element of the construction makes a reference to the history, culture or process of winemaking.  The ribbed construction of the wooden ceiling, for example, symbolizes the cultivation method. Similarly, the palette is intended to replicate the colours of the region. These aspects culminate to trigger to the five senses.

The cellar is filled with bottles from over 70 different nations, while the restaurant supplies variations from over 500 locations. Although Bordeaux has distinguished itself as the wine capital, the museum didn’t want to offer only local products. Instead, it aspires to be the sole location that addresses vineyards from all over the world. 

XTU Architects

Photos courtesy of La Cité du Vin

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