Yellow Peach

‘My goal was to create a space of rooms with independent partitions that are consecutive yet functional,’ Kosuke says.

At a children's store in Daikanyama, Tokyo, toddlers can shop - and play - in a rustic dollhouse setting.

‘We devised a way to divide the space so different areas would be independent of each other, but still functionally connected,’ says designer Kosuke Kajikawa of MuFF Co., Ltd.

The store includes areas for shopping, storage and office, plus a fitting room. Each are separated using semi-open dividers, made of 40-mm-thick vertical plywood boards, that define each area. The dividers are shaped like houses or windows, which allows customers to view into others areas while shopping.

Each board is finished with a different texture or shade to add a distinct feel to the different ‘rooms.’ These range from stains to clear resin paint with lame.

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