Colour us surprised: this fun contraption is actually a trade fair stand for… carpets?

Hannover – It’s hard to break through the noise at Domotex, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for floor coverings. So, when Turkish company Stefany Home & Living attended the most recent edition of the event, the team decided to get the most out of its 20 sq-m: enter The Path, a colourful, enticing and eye-catching game inspired by the threads and knots that end up creating a carpet.

Make no mistake: today’s trade fair stands have to pull double duty, both as a communicator to prescribers or clients and as a memorable experience that can live a second life online, as an element of branding.

In this case, the carpet manufacturer wanted to communicate an idea of co-creation, so essential to the company’s process. They enlisted the help of Istanbul-based studios Yerce Architecture and ZAAS, who ran with the concept and created the interactive installation.

This game makes the process as interesting as the end result

The game might look relatively easy from the outside, but it hides a layer of wicked complexity: participants have to work together to use balls in the tone of their choice, slide them down in synch throughout the carefully calibrated metal tracks. If every hole in the lower receptacle is filled properly in what the Yerce teams calls ‘a magical probabilistic way,’ the combination of the participants' efforts results in an abstract rug. ‘This image of the rug is the product of a collaborative process based on arbitrary, individual choices,’ said architect Egemen Yerce. ‘But that makes the process as interesting as the end result – the game is repeatable once all the holes have been filled in, and the end product of each completed game is unique.’

But how about that other result, in terms of exposure and feedback? As the Yerce team explains, the installation became a welcome break in the ‘intense environment’ of the fair, and Stefany is now considering taking The Path to other industry outlets. Talk about triple duty.

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