Ying Chang's designs receive their final treatment while in transit

Forget the labels on your post that warn of fragile contents. The Journey, a series of packaged objects designed by London-based Ying Chang, celebrates the pummelling of goods during shipping. It includes tools that encourage damage – of a vase, for example – and, in so doing, create unique patterns on the object’s skin as it travels from one destination to another.

Shipping time, the final step in Chang’s design process, records the history of the trip in seismographic blemishes. Among the tools devised for The Journey are crayons that scribble colours on the surface of a boxed vessel and sharp-edged ‘grater’ panels that trap the contents and remain alert for the inevitable attack. During the trial run, an instrument of impairment accompanied each unsuspecting object, which was shipped with the same company and followed the same 5,585-km route – London to New York – with no possibility of escape.

Photos Ian Bartlett


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