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The Carton is about food culture and the Middle East.

For every action a counteraction, for every passion a publication. Avid readers are still discovering – at kiosks and concept stores everywhere – magazines that turn them on.

From information to inspiration: print is far from dead. We talk to the brains behind some offline titles, and elaborate on the theme in Frame 93.

The Carton

What’s it about?
Food culture and the Middle East.

Titles that didn’t make the cut?
Riz, Spider, Tanjara.

Does the magazine have recurring features?
Yes, they’re called ‘9 Questions’ and ‘Ghastronomy’, a term derived from ‘ghastly’. A gourmand writes about the worst meal he or she has ever had. It’s on the last editorial page. In general, The Carton has the feel of a journal.

Most memorable feature?
‘Eating Picon in Prison’. A journalist we know spent two weeks locked up in a Lebanese prison. She kept a diary of the food she ate and the dire conditions she had to endure. We published sketches from the same diary.

What’s on your list of priorities for future features?
Power food eaten by soldiers at war.

Is there an online version of your magazine?
Not yet. As part of ‘I Pledge to Read the Printed Word’ [readtheprintedword.org], we are testing the boundaries of print.

First issue March 2012
Those involved Cofounders Jade George and Rawan Gebran; Sara Ali is the in-house illustrator
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon
Fonts Mainly Vectora and Code
Copy run 1000
Frequency Four issues a year
Price US$10


What’s it about?
About correspondence, like letters printed on paper. Printing may seem outdated, but we like to create a more intimate communication than is possible on screen. The magazine focuses on mental ‘correspondence’ and empathy among people who work together.

Stock photography or assigned?
Half and half.

Most memorable feature?
A chance encounter with Wolfgang Tillmans, which led to the publication of images he made in Patagonia (and a party).

A feature you envision for a future issue?
We’d like to publish Bruce Weber’s images of Argentina.

Where will you be five years from now?
Hopefully still developing this project, meeting interesting people and travelling around.

First issue 2011
Those involved Founder Juan Moralejo, Rosario Güiraldes, art director Benjamin Critton
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paper We started with matte paper, but we’d like to go glossy soon
Copy run 1000
Frequency One issue a year (so far)
Price US$10


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