Since WWII, Lodz has suffered from poverty and social issues. The designers hope this space will help return culture to the city

On the busiest street in Lodz, Poland, a restaurant-gallery is inviting culture and art back to the city.

Working on a small budget, the team at xm3 created a space for parties, events and exhibitions that’s targeted at the city’s youth. The building, which dates back to the 19th century, has a Neo-Classical style and its function has changed many times.

Now, the empty 104-sq-m ground level space has been filled with an undulating wooden installation that neatly engulfs the ceiling and walls.

‘We decided to leave it as raw as it was possible, while creating a blob-like form,’ says xm3's design team. ‘The alien wooden form creeps through the inside of the building, dividing the space into functional areas.’

Zmianatematu is located at Piotrkowska 144, Lodz, Poland.

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