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China has the most cinemas worldwide – but should it value venue quality over quantity?

Changsha, China – Well-designed cinemas may help offset box office ramifications of China's oversupply of venues: just look to Changsha Jinyi, a new project from One Plus Partnership.


The pioneer behind One Plus Partnership’s latest dynamic cinema design

XIANGYANG, China – The Frame Award-winning studio One Plus Partnership reinforces its mastery of the cinema genre once again with its spatial interpretation of the camera obscura.

Circl by DoepelStrijkers, nominated for the Sustainability Award

Dutch sustainability, Asian innovation: insights from the Frame Awards nominations

Announcing the Frame Awards 2018 nominees: cutting-edge interiors that include bold cinemas in China and recycled spaces in the Netherlands.


One Plus Partnership takes the city’s lack of greenery into its own hands

SHENZHEN, China – Everyone loves greenery indoors, but has One Plus Partnership missed the point? Or is the Shenzhen Raffles City office design a practical alternative?


Five Days of Frame 118: One Plus Partnership puts film back in cinema

Wuhan, China – The latest in One Plus Partnership’s series of high-impact, thematic theatres, the Wushang Mall cinema is inspired by traditional film reels.


One Plus Partnership translates social-media speak into a Hong Kong restaurant

HONG KONG – #OMG. It’s not an exclamation; it’s the name of an internet-inspired restaurant by One Plus Partnership. 


Exploded Cinema by One Plus Partnership

A jagged scheme of assembles boxes and rectangular elements by One Plus Partnership creates a sharp competition between the movie theater and the movie itself.

Silhouettes of rhinos serve as ticket booths in the lobby of this children’s cinema.

Insun Lotte Cinema by One Plus Partnership

Hong Kong based husband-and-wife duo Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, of design studio One Plus Partnership, have carved the niche of a graphic and experience-charged interior with their latest project.