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Modest materials generate a sensory experience at Frankfurter Buchmesse

FRANKFURT – By stacking simple plastic sheets, Civic and Matters formed an ever-changing landscape at Frankfurter Buchmesse’s Dutch-Flemish pavilion.

ARK22 by Stephane Malka with Oulalou+Choi. Photos Laurent Clement

Assembly of timber units make a grand entrance

MARRAKESH – Ark22 by Stephane Malka and Oualalou-Choi forms a gateway entrance to the site of the 2016 UN Climate Change Conference in Morocco.

Billboard: Frame Awards
Billboard: Frame Awards
The structure stands for more than is visible to the eye.

Tom Emerson’s ETH students build floating Pavilion of Reflections for Manifesta 11

ZÜRICH – The ETH professor and architect Tom Emerson whose students designed and built the impressive pavilion for Manifesta 11 speaks to Mark about the philosophy behind his work.

The shell of a sand dollar inspired the morphology of the structure.

Research pavilion discovers value in a sand dollar

STUTTGART – Two university departments collaborate for the sixth year on a conceptual architectural pavilion, inspired by marine forms.

The building is a tailored space for the management of beehives and sharing of knowledge about the park's wildlife.

Frank Marcus makes a pavilion for bees within a public park

NIJMEGEN – Dutch architect and local beekeeper Frank Marcus' sinuous structure for bees blends into a park's ecological surroundings.


3deluxe shades the Butterfly Pavilion with a golden canopy of 4000 aluminium leaves

NOOR ISLAND – German design studio 3deluxe shields a glass cube with a canopy of golden leaves to ensure a suitable atmosphere for its butterfly inhabitants.

The perforated pleats of Marc Fornes' permanent installation showers students with ornate shadows.

Theverymany formulates a self-supporting amphitheatre with 990 aluminium shingles

ARGELÈS-SUR-MER – Using a computational process, Marc Fornes created a permanent installation which forms an energetic addition to a high school in southern France.

A flawless representation of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's work.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's steel pavilions act as urban furniture for Paris' public spaces

PARIS – The brothers’ pair of pavilions offer a balance between intricate craftsmanship and industrial production.

Cloud Seeding pavilion is located in Israeli Museum Holon's urban plaza.

MODU's Cloud Seeding installation activates a plaza with a playful roof of plastic balls

ISRAEL – Located in the Museum Holon’s urban plaza, the Cloud Seeding pavilion by MODU hosts leisure and cultural events.

Ultramoderne wins the kiosk design for the 1st Chicago Architecture Biennial with Chicago Horizion.

Ultramoderne's kiosk for the Chicago Architecture Biennial serves the city

Chicago Horizon is the winner of the BP Prize in the Lakefront Kiosk Competition for the inaugural edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

The pavilion focuses on architecture and its presentation and dissemination.

Celebrating 50 years of gmp at Meinhard von Gerkan's new pavilion

HAMBURG – The founding partner of gmp celebrates his eightieth birthday with the opening of a new architecture pavilion.

Filip Janssens has moved to the outdoors with his Jointed Cube project, a large construction with an architectural form.

Filip Janssens' modular volumes offer a new experience of outdoor space

GHENT – Modular constructions – 'a lot like building with Lego blocks' – form the basis of the geometric forms created by Belgian designer Filip Janssens.