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Social distancing at the playground? Inventors come up with a way to keep children safe

Berlin – Martin Binder and Claudio Rimmele developed Rimbim, a concept for an infection-free playground that provokes change in how the recreational spaces are conceived.


New category alert: this is what a premium children’s café in China looks like

Dalian, China – Designed by Wutopia Lab, this café for children in the Chinese city of Dalian mixes fun, socialization and physical expression in a cloud-like environment.


A Japanese architect created an indoor park for children with disabilities

Kyoto – Satoshi Takijiri’s Yojo Park, located in Kyoto, is an ‘indoors forest’ that allows children on wheelchairs to feel the freedom of the playground.


Is this the shopping mall of the future?

Hangzhou – X+Living’s Neobio Family Park in Hangzhou is a fantasy-filled destination for parent-child activities. 


Putting children in a castle so parents can dine like royalty

Shanghai – X+Living takes inspiration from a hot air balloon rising above a castle at Neobio Kids Restaurant so families can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Vestre Fjordpark by ADEPT. Photo Rasmus Hjortshoj

The city, the park, and the fjord reconnect through ADEPT’s architecture

AALBORG – ADEPT in collaboration with landscape architects GHB creates a new narrative around the Limfjord – the largest fjord landscape in Denmark.

Skovbakkeskolen by CEBRA. Photo Adam Mørk

Kids are royalty in this village-like school by CEBRA

ODDER – Complete with a series of plazas in the interior, playful fenestration, and pitched roofs, the students are encouraged to run freely throughout the building and rule the day.

Viewing the new instalment from below reinforces a strong perspective upward. Photo Benoit Meeus

Children from post-industrial mining towns of Belgium play on top of waste

BERINGEN – Landscape architecture firms Carve and Omgeving jointly memorialise the past with a playground stretched over a monumental cultivated mound.

An interior playground opens to the landscape through a glass façade. Photo Adam Mørk

ADEPT and MVRDV explore the physical dimension of culture and movement

FREDERIKSBERG – Ku.Be is the result of a typology mix between a playground, a theatre and a gym presented as a community building in Denmark. 

A white complex form appears as a skin drooping over the existing structure. Photo Koji Fuji

MAD wraps up a timber structure to form a kindergarten

OKAZAKI – Beijing-based MAD Architects has designed an organic veil wrapped around the framework of the former house beneath.

Lush hills frame the view on New York harbour.

West8 landscape architects sculpt New York experience

NEW YORK – Governors Island has been derelict for decades. After a substantial redesign by landscape designer Adriaan Geuze, for the views of Manhattan alone the archipelago is worth a visit.

The capsule is a flamboyant addition to its urban surrounding.

Iris de Kievith's spaceship-like structure has a special mission

ROTTERDAM – Architect Iris de Kievith’s mobile pavilion might look like it’s going to fly away, but it gained a foothold in Rotterdam’s Feijenoord neighbourhood. 

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