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‘Nowadays you can be a gay architect, but you can't do queer architecture’

Tokyo – Adam Nathaniel Furman’s bold, bittersweet and bulbous Nagatacho apartment is more than meets the (queer) eye


Tehran’s growing design community found a home in this new concept store

Tehran – Designed by architect Sina Momtaz, Comode is both a place to buy into and get involved in contemporary Iranian design culture.


‘Architecture is one of the most powerful conduits of culture and self-representation'

Cape Town – Mariam Kamara’s journey and her firm’s architecture and research approach will be the topic of her talk during this year’s Design Indaba Conference.

Coloured and interrupted codes appear in James Bridle's video installation Fraunhofer Lines.

James Bridle's disturbing codes unveiled in Berlin

BERLIN – The Glomar Response by James Bridle fits NOME gallery's aim to visualize interactions between modern technology and politics.

Lending access to both the new city council offices and the station is an 80-m-wide flight of stairs, beneath which lies a bicycle parking facility also designed by Kraaijvinger.

Utrecht City Council Offices by Kraaijvanger

UTRECHT – Dutch atelier consolidates Utrecht's city council offices into compact yet emotive structure.

Reclaimed windows and doors create shelter around a light scaffolding structure.

Bow-House by Stéphane Malka

HEERLEN – The architect inserts an open housing unit between a public square and a graffiti-covered blind wall.

Converted into government offices, a former sanatorium was lacking spaces in which representatives could discuss and pass laws.

Parliament of the German-Speaking Community by Atelier Kempe Thill

EUPEN – Forging a strong identity over the past 40 years, the German-speaking Community deemed necessary to set up a government as well as legislative bodies of its own.

Jongeriuslab designed new furniture for the space as well as employing the iconic Polder Sofa. photo Frank Oudeman

North Delegates Lounge by Dutch Creative Team

Now taking place on a site overlooking the East River in New York City, precisely 65 years after the first foundation stone was laid, is a large-scale renovation of the United Nations complex. …


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This week, we explored the pricing system behind formaldehyde-suspended sharks, sustainable building in India, the art scene in the Canadian north, and what monolithic embassies say about world …

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