Articles tagged Post-Pandemic Urbanism


Post-pandemic urbanism: why we should promote parkland over parking

Pedestrianizing urban centres doesn’t go far enough – we need to create green corridors that make cities livable for both people and wildlife.


Post-pandemic urbanism: why it’s vital that we reclaim the sidewalk

Many urbanists hope that temporary solutions for widening sidewalks will translate into a permanent revival of street life.

Washington-based retailer Somewhere has been working with brands such as Vans and Awake NY to create capsule collections for its Window Shop campaign.

Post-pandemic urbanism: why the storefront will take precedence over the sales floor

Consumer desire for convenience means that store facades will remain central to product discovery and purchasing post-pandemic. 


Post-pandemic urbanism: how access to open outdoor space will redefine high-density housing

The pandemic has underlined how access to personal outdoor space is central to creating truly livable urban homes.

Stefano Boeri Architetti's Tirana Riverside urban regeneration project, designed in collaboration with SON-Group.

Post-pandemic urbanism: why embracing street life is central to the future of the city

As the pandemic recasts the way many feel about their cities, we explore how urban design can bring more of our indoor life out into the open.

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